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About Hundred Hosting

Use this website as the template to start your own landing page designs!
Or Try our Creative Theme!
This template features:


  • Scrollable page with simple navbar
  • Cross Device Compatability optimized for browsing with IPhone, Android, Tablets and more
  • Clickable nav links that smooth scroll to page sections
  • Responsive behavior when clicking nav links perfect for a one page website


Basic Services

We will build your website and host it on our servers for $150+ per year.
We have two data centers and backups to the cloud.
Basic Website Package will include the following features;

  • Single scrollable web page, perfect for viewing on phones and mobile devices
  • Cross platform compatible website that works on any mobile device.
  • Links to social media platforms
  • Customizable Navigation Bar and Links
  • We support embedding external widgets such as Google reviews or YouTube videos


How It Works

You provide me with the following and I'll do the rest

  • Your Company Logo and any pictures of your products and services you would like online
  • Your company mission statement, explaining your business, the product or service it provides, the primary customers or market, and how your company serves them
  • For example my mission statement would be something like "Providing Mobile websites for small busineses at a fair price"
  • Links to any social media platforms for your business
  • List of Preferred Navigation Bar Menu Items, and corresponding Title and content/text for each Section

Online Media Gallery

  • Perfect for Food Menu
  • Food Restaurant Website with QR code for Online Menu
  • Pictures and Progress of your work
  • Media Gallery to Share all your Content
  • Pictures, Music, Lyrics, Videos and More
  • Real Estate, Commercial Business Websites
  • Websites for Small Businesses
  • Mechanic Shop, Nail Salon, Construction


Premium Services

Embed any of our Premium Widgets onto your existing website for a monthly fee


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